Programmes & Upcoming Events

Solo Programme- with electronics and video

microtonal trumpet (19-, 24- and 48- division of the octave) and non-microtonal trumpet pieces by international composers. Inclusion of pieces from the Yasser Collection for the 19-div Trumpet.

Duo Programmes with duo Contour (electronics, Malletkat, Theatre, Film)

dC have a wide repertoire, ranging from works for trumpet and drumset, to the inclusion of electronics and film. Most recently we have been performing microtonal works with a Malletkat, as well as bringing BATTAGLIA by Igor Majcen to theatres.

Lecture Recital on the Microtonal Trumpet, with Donald Bousted (composer)

Explores writing for the trumpet in quarter-tones, eighth-tones, 19-div tuning- See Solo Programme above. Originally given at the Tage für neue Musik Darmstadt, Germany.

Duo with Helga Zuccaro, flute

Original works, transcriptions and arrangements using an assortment of flutes, trumpets and flugelhorn. Repertoire by J.S.Bach, Donald Bousted, Wilhelm von Grunelius and André Jolivet.

Duo with Karin Fleck, Akkordeon

Improvisations, original works, and transcriptions or arrangements of classical modern pieces for these two ‘wind’ instruments!

“Windows” with the Black Forest Percussion Group

Guest soloist with the Bfpg, performing an arangement of Petr Eben’s “Windows” by Sebastian Meyer.

Duo Programme with Ephraim Wegner (Laptop)

N I N E T E E N: improvisations and flexible compositions in 19-division tuning by Manfred Stahnke, Anne La Berge, Ephraim Wegner and Stephen Altoft.

‘Flügel trifft Flügelhorn’ with Elmar Schrammel (piano)

Flugel horn and piano: taking minimalism as a theme, and combining modern with classical repertoire, this programme of arrangements (Ligeti, J.S.Bach, etc) and original compositions (Michael Nyman and Cornelius Schwehr) explores the colours of the flugel horn with the piano.

Lecture Recital on the Contemporary Trumpet, with Donald Bousted (composer)

Explores writing for the trumpet and the use of extended techniques- see Solo Programme above. Originally given at the Daegu International Contemporary Music Festival, South Korea, 2014.